How It Works

From Order to Delivery

Our process of hosting allows photographers to focus on what they do best and streamlines the ordering process for your clients. We take out the tediousness of ordering photos, without compromising your prices. Each cart is set up to transmit print orders directly to our lab while you receive payment at whatever prices you have listed. We process, print, and ship the order to it's destination with a tracking number that allows you to watch the progress of the order. We then invoice you the cost of products and shipping. For a detailed breakdown of product pricing check it out here.

The Future of E- commerce

Technology is constantly evolving and photography has shifted into the digital world, not just in format, but sales as well. Electronic sales has become a staple in modern life, and represents a major market for all photographers. Our process allows us to simplify the workload of photographers so they may spend their time more efficiently and pursue their craft.

Why Us?

We are a proudly Canadian company with a commitment to quality and customer service. Each print sent through our system is viewed by an experienced lab technician before ever leaving our doors. Throughout our 70 years in Nova Scotia we have provided a personal touch to our clients by maintaining our identity as a small local lab.