The FAQ's

"Frequently asked questions"


Q. Where is the site hosted?

A. Your images will be hosted on our server system. Our servers are connected via a DS3 line and three redundant T-1 lines, offering you continuous high-speed access and nearly zero downtime.

Q. What is my site's URL/Web Address?

A. We have different ways to accommodate your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Q. Will my site look like everyone else's?

A. No. Although your site is created with our Website Creator, you have control over layouts, colors, and content. Your Internet storefront will be complete with your company logo, contact information, sample portfolio, and published events. The entire storefront is designed to promote you, the photographer.

Q. How many images can I put in an event?

A. You can put as many images as you like in a given event. Of course, at some point it doesn't make sense to continue adding images to an event because it becomes too cumbersome for your customers to navigate. As a rule of thumb, you should not put more than 1000 images in any given event. It's also possible to place an event to the web in sections based on subject matter, and have the same password for each section.

Q. How does it work?

A. It is literally as simple as 1,2,3,4.
Step 1: Digitize Your Photos If you shoot with traditional film, simply take the pictures, scan them from prints or negatives or take them to a lab to be digitized and put on a CD. This, we have found, is the easiest way to archive your photographs. If you use a digital camera, simply shoot the photos and archive them.

Step 2: Publish Your Photos Publish the digitized photos to your own Internet storefront at the url we give to you upon signup, using our PhotoManager software, which is included in the subscription cost.

Step 3: Receive the Order After previewing their photos, customers can order them instantly in a variety of custom options, simply by logging on to your site.

Step 4: Fulfill the Orders Send your orders to us and enjoy the quality you have come to expect!

Q. What if I already have my own web site?

A. Many of our customers have a custom web site. Whether you choose to keep your current hosting company or host with us, you can keep your custom site. Once you have been set up, just add links to you web page that point to your Events list and Portfolio pages. These will be supplied in your new registration email.

This provides your customers with easy access to their photos from your existing web site. In order for our program to work, we need to either host your site, or we can create a subdomain to redirect to from your main site.

Q. What Internet browsers are compatible with your system?

A. The following web browsers are compatible with PhotoManager:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
Mozilla / Firefox
Netscape Navigator 6.0 or higher
America Online (AOL) 5.0 or higher

Q. Do I need special software to use your system?

A. Your subscription comes complete with our PhotoManager software, which allows you to easily set-up and maintain your Internet storefront, as well as publish your photos online.

Q. How much does your system cost?

A. Please contact us for pricing.

Q. How and when do I get paid?

A. The photographer is paid directly from the customers via accepted forms of payment. If you have an existing merchant account and would like to do real-time processing (verifies and processes credit card payment upon checkout) we are currently integrated with, PlugnPay, or DirectOne (Australian customers). If you need a merchant account go to SpeedChex and PayPal also available.

Q. What if I forgot my username or password?

A. E-mail us and include your Business name and contact name. We will get your password out after verification.

Q. Is your e-commerce system safe?

A. Safe Technology: Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Thawte Server software enables us to provide the highest industry standard of 128-bit-encryption. It is among the best and strongest of the software available today for secure online commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your customer's personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read.

Q. What are the system requirements?

A. Our system does not require that you have any special hardware or software to create, host and maintain a site. In order to operate and manage our program the following system requirements are needed:

Q. What materials do I need to setup a site?

A. Creating your site is easy- it just requires providing us with information. about your company. You will need:
About Us Information
This is the information about you or your business. This is a great section for displaying your photographic talents. Any credentials, awards, certificates, or honors that you have received would be in this section.
Ordering Information
This is a very important section. It displays all the necessary information that your customers would need to purchase from you. Do you accept credit cards? If so, which ones. Check writing information, as well as any special instructions they would need for placing an order. This section will be used for customers who don't feel comfortable ordering on-line and for your clients who are paying for your service.
Tax information is essential for us to keep everything in order.
Shipping and Handling
This fee is decided by the photographer. It includes any place that you may find a customer, for all sizes of pictures. Most commonly $7, but is set by you.

Q. How do I set up my Portfolio?

A. Setting up your Portfolio is just like setting up an event to be moved to the web. On the Update screen, change the Event Type to Sample and finish just like you would any other event.

Q. What is FTP?

A. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP simply allows Internet users to move files from one computer to another. Using FTP is just like using the web; you need a software program (called an FTP client program) that lets you connect to FTP hosts (just as a web browser allows you to connect to http hosts).

Q. Do I need to use an FTP Program?

A. PhotoManager utilizes an FTP type file transfer to send your files to the web. We made it easy for the photographer to handle the uploading and manipulation of photographs on our site so photographers can do what they like doing best, taking pictures. No need for an FTP Program. However, if you are doing your own site design, you would need an FTP program.

Q. How long can I keep a photo event on my Internet storefront?

A. There is no time limit for photo events that have been published on your Internet storefront. However, we suggest that you remove any photo events that are no longer being requested by your customers. This will allow new customers to find more recent events quicker and increase order efficiency.

In our months of testing trials, events listed for 30 days got more orders then events that were listed for 60 days.
Testing showed an overall 20% average decrease in total sales for 60 days event listings compared to 30 day listings.
Discount pricing almost DOUBLED our orders, based on a 20% discount for the first two weeks of a 30 day posted event and 10% discount on portrait photographers for the first two weeks of a 30 day posted event.

Q. What do you do to protect and secure my photos?

A. The published photograph is approximately 26K in size and specifically designed to maximize viewing quality for your customers while protecting you against unauthorized copying. Right-click ability has been removed, and all preview photos viewed online are protected using a "digital" watermark, thus further protecting your copyrighted photos from unauthorized use.

Q. How long does it take to publish a photo event?

A. The time necessary to publish a photo event depends on two things; the number of photos in the event and the speed of your Internet connection.

Customizing Events

Q. Can different events have different prices/products?

A. Yes. Each event can automatically default with your preferred pricing, but each event can have its own products and prices. You can also have several default pricing schedules saved and discount defaults.

Q. Can I delete images?

A. Yes. After the images for an event are uploaded to the web, just go to the Online Manager. Choose "Event Manager" and after entering in your username and password, choose the event you want to modify, then click "Photos". Here is where you can delete images out of an event.

Q. Must events be password protected?

A. No, the image gallery does not require a password, however you have full control over whom you give the password to. The Portfolio section does not have password protection.